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Tiny Church

The sign says “Pause, Rest, Worship”... so we did
Tiny Church Exactly what the title says. This guy is really small.

Roadside attractions come in all sizes, usually big to get your attention, but a strange phenomenon of small shows up in the Tiny Church craze. Well I’m not sure if it is a craze but there are a surprising number of very small houses of worship. Generally they are less than 20x20 and are usually unattended, but what they lack in size they make up for in... smallness?

We couldn’t find out too much information about this place other than it was built in 1996 by a farmer named Loren Pratt in the memory of his wife Lois on the outside edge of his property. Its about 7 x 12 feet and maybe could seat 12 people. There is a little guest book inside and two perfectly placed trees for photographs.

Inside the Tiny Church Here is Alana and Gretchen on the inside. Maybe you could fit 12 people in there

It’s actually a very peaceful little building to spend a few minutes reflecting in. A nice break from the highway outside

If you stand in the right place you can see the Bridge to Nowhere right in the background.