50 States... Or Less

PLACE Walt Disney World

Floridian Way
Orlando, FL 32836

Walt Disney World

Where they trick you into walking really far.

This is my first time at any version of Disneyland or Disney World. I know, I know, I’m an American, I grew up in California, how can this be? When I was a kid instead of going to Disneyland, I usually spent my vacations riding my pony at home or hanging out with my cousins in England, having giant water balloon fights or riding their ponies. I was totally happy with the trade off. When I was in France in 2000 I considered going to Euro Disney, just to be funny, but then I went to Amsterdam for an extra day instead.

We needed to do some work on the coach, and there is a shop that specializes in the GMC Motorhome in Orlando. It seemed silly to go to all the way to Florida and not go to Disney World, and we were intrigued by Epcot, so we said what the hell. I was pretty sad to learn that the Harry Potter World is at Universal Studios, but maybe it’s better not to see Hogwarts with a Central Florida blue sky behind it. And it’s way too hot to drink butterbeer. Or so I told myself.

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