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PLACE Oceola National Forest

County Road 250
Sanderson, FL 32087

Ocean Pond

Taking a vacation from our vacation in Osceola National Forest

After leaving Pensacola, our schedule worked out in such a way that we had a few days before we could arrive in Orlando, so we found a spot in Northern Florida where we could hang out and get some work done on the site. Paul found Ocean Pond Campground in Osceola National Forest, which is just west of Jacksonville.

With our National Parks pass (which we highly recommend if you visit more than one National Park per year, or go camping a lot in state parks.) it was $6 a night for a huge grassy spot with water, and $12 a night for one with water and power. We did 2 nights on our solar panels, but our spot didn't get enough light to go another day, but luckily a spot opened up with power, just in time. The camp host across from us had Ducky's fatso (harness wearing) Florida cousin, a giant 25 pound or so cat that showed up each night at about 5 to prowl around our spot and walk over to the lake to glower into the distance. Oh, and also to use our part of the woods as a catbox. I avoided that part of our spot after that. Gretchen was extremely irritated that I kept leaving to go pet this interloper.

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