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PLACE Organ Space Murals Museum

Nasa Rd & U.S. 70
Organ, NM 88011

Space Murals Museum

An awesome collection of space junk that wouldn’t fit in other museums.

New Mexico has a far reaching heritage with space, rocket pioneer Robert Goddard launched most of his rockets in Roswell, the first atomic bomb was detonated north of Alamogordo, Werner Von Braun, the former Nazi missile wunderkind was based out of White Sands Missile Range where he and his team developed much of the tech that would put us on the Moon. The Space Shuttle landed its third mission in White Sands, there is now a commercial space port in Las Cruces, and the search for extremely distant galaxies is based near Socorro at the Very Large Array radio telescope. Even the aliens wanted in on the action and crash landed their weather balloon/spaceship in Roswell in 1947.

So It makes good sense that, amidst all of this history, there would be a place to experience and understand what has gone on here, and there is... probably up the road a bit at the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo. But Space Murals Museum and Gift Shop is a different and arguably better way to experience our space history. Firstly, the name comes from a series of murals painted on the side of giant water tanks that commemorate American space travel. Paintings of astronauts lost in the pursuit of space, and tons of mission patches makes up the big water tower out back. There is a small mockup of the space shuttle and a fish pond that is in the shape of a shuttle.

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