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PLACE Tom Mix Death Site

Pinal Pioneer Pkwy
Florence, AZ 85232

Tom Mix Memorial

A sad riderless horse keeps watch where the “King of the Cowboys” met his end.

Tom Mix was more than a celebrity, he was one of the first super-stars. He made over 300 movies, and did a huge amount to define what we think of as the cowboy. He was a pallbearer for Wyatt Earp, he was a marshall in Oklahoma, he rode in Teddy Roosevelt's Inaugural Parade, he was supposedly a friend of Pancho Villa and was an honorary Texas Ranger.

He got his break while working in the ubiquitous wild west shows shows that proliferated in the later decades of the 19th century and start of the 20th. His show lent him out to a studio as a horse handler and from there, in the awesome way that early film studios worked, he started writing and directing movies as well as acting. He was regarded as a great shot and an excellent horseman, riding on his trusty and clever steed Tony the Horse.

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