50 States... Or Less


47626 Kato Road
Fremont, CA 94538

Getting Started By Being Able To Stop

A week in Fremont at Applied GMC where we totally redid the whole braking system.

Our motorhome, for anyone who cares to know, was based largely on a early 70s Oldsmobile toronado. Many of the braking components came from this regular old passenger vehicle and a mish-mash of other GM truck products.

Apparently it worked well enough when it rolled off the factory floor, but years of use and semi-neglect had rendered the braking systems on our coach a little less than was to be desired. Not exactly something you want on a 13,000 lb vehicle about to go down many mountains.

Fortunately there are a couple of companies and guys that are coming up with new and better systems for these motorhomes. So after deciding that we wanted to get rid of a bunch of money (and that we wanted to live through this trip) we opted to replace the old drum brakes on the back 4 wheels with disc brakes and to upgrade to an amazing but complicated system to describe called the reaction arm system.

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