50 States... Or Less

PLACE The Ranch Store

State Highway 240
Cactus Flats, SD 57567

Prairie Dog Town

The best 50 cents we spent all year. According to Alana.

Just off I-90 on the main road to Badlands National Park there is a 12 foot concrete prairie dog. Just behind the prairie dog is a small general store that sells the usual gift shop stuff that you can get at any gift shop west of the Mississippi, as well as a 50 cent bags of whole peanuts. The peanuts are key, so after walking outside with our bag we surveyed the 2 acres of fenced off land to see where the prairie dogs were currently clustered. Being prairie dogs, they had no respect for the fence, and there are holes all over the parking lot, so watch out for twisted ankles. (They seem to have also taken over the state of South Dakota, not just the parking lot.)

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