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PLACE Graceland

3734 Elvis Presley Blvd
Memphis, TN 38116

Elvis Presley's Graceland

Where Alana remembered that Elvis was actually totally hot.

After running from Central Tennessee and 18 hours of tornado warnings, we arrived in Memphis to perfectly blue skies. That we arrived in one piece is notable because the citizens of Memphis are the second worst drivers in the nation next to the citizens of Nashville, in our experience. What the hell is, or isn’t on the drivers test in Tennessee? On the surface streets people drive like they’ve been drinking, which is fine if you just distrust the motives of all cars in the vicinity. The freeways though are insane, if you forget and use your indicator, there’s no way they are letting you in, in fact they speed up. So you end up doing what the locals do, which is swerve into whatever lane you need without signalling, which will piss off the guy behind you in that lane, but at least you don’t miss your exit.

Graceland is on Elvis Presley Boulevard in a part of Memphis that was probably semi rural when he bought the place, which was already named Graceland after the previous owner’s daughter. The road had another name then, but in the early 1970’s the city changed it, which must have been handy for Elvis when he needed to give people directions. The area now is mostly run down strip malls, used car dealerships, BBQ joints that look seriously dodgy, basically the area is not what you would expect. I imagine tourists coming from either downtown or the airport probably lock their doors a long time before they get to Graceland.

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