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PLACE Joshua Tree National Park

10000 National Park Rd
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

Joshua Tree

The strangest trees, the best rocks, what’s not to love?

Everyone has heard of Joshua Tree National Park, but not that many people have actually been. Perhaps it is because they think they know what it is and there isn’t much to it. Well I’m happy to report that, while it is indeed full of Joshua Trees, It is an incredibly diverse and beautiful place, we only spent 2 days there but easily could have spent a week just taking in the view.

Joshua Trees are technically related to the Yucca and you can tell, they look like giant plants that have been grafted on to trees. They grow pretty slowly so the big ones are very old, some of the oldest examples have lived to 1000 years. They were named by the Mormons for their resemblance to Joshua reaching up to heaven in prayer.

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