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How to get rid of all of your stuff and live in a box with wheels for a year.

Well hello there, and welcome. We’re Paul and Alana Cloutier and we are starting off on a 1 year long road trip around the US and Canada in a vintage motorhome that we’ve restored.

Every year we try and do a couple of big 2 week long trips in the car, usually to the southwest.These trips were always a blast but we felt like we were always rushing and never really getting to know any of these places. There was also a lot of the country that we couldn’t really get to on a 2 week trip.

We had come out of several startups in a row and were thinking about starting another one, but not quite ready for the commitment yet. As we were talking about it we both really just wanted to take some time and travel, we both had very fond memories of our road trips. If only there were a way to just do that for a while. So we actually looked into it and realized that it was cheaper to take a year long road trip than to live in the Bay Area.

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