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Orange Grove RV Park

Camping in an orange grove
Alana Orange Picker Alana picking oranges at the orange grove campground in bakersfield. We ate oranges from this tree for a month.

We kind of lucked out on our choice of a place to stay in Bakersfield. After leaving Santa Nella we drove towards Fresno with me tailing the RV in the car, since we were still unsure of the new brakes. You know what’s more boring than driving from Santa Nella to Bakersfield on highway 99? Doing it by yourself at low speed while following another car. Also the Central Valley is super depressing in the winter. It was solidly foggy from Altamont pass to Tehachapi pass 3 days later, and all the trees and fields are brown and dead looking. And I’ve never seen so many dead things on the road. It sucks being a bird in the Central Valley.

So imagine how nice it was to get to an RV park that is not only reasonably priced, but is in a 40 acre orange grove, (I’m a sucker for orchards.) has really new bathrooms and 3 to 4 orange trees in each campsite. They let you pick oranges from January to April, and supply you with pickers to get the ones at the top. They turned out to be pretty delicious so i tried pretty hard to offset the cost of our stay by picking loads, we left with a full brown paper grocery bag, and have been eating them for the last 3 weeks.

Orange Grove Campground The GMC parked in our campsite in bakersfield. It was in the middle of an orange grove. Each site had at least two orange trees in it.

They have 90 foot pull through spots which seems insane, but once you stay in a few RV parks you quickly realize how enormous some of those new RV’s are, and they always have a tow car, plus some of them have 4 pullouts, so they end up being 20 feet wide as well. The GMC looks tiny (and kind of crappy.) next to them.

orangegrovervpark.com 1452 south edison road, bakersfield ca 93307 661-366-4662