50 States... Or Less


First Meal

Trying out the cooking facilities on day 1 of the trip
First Meal in the Coach Here is our first meal in the coach. This probably doesn't seem like that big a deal but it is surprisingly the culmination of a lot of things... first use of new table, first real use of stove, first use of sink and water purifier.

This is the meal I crave when I’ve been eating too many snacks and not enough actual meals, sausages, potatoes and peas. So after a day of quickly packing stuff up and moving the RV from it’s storage yard in Pinole for the last time, (thank god. it was $50 a month, and that’s awesome, but man am I sick of Pinole.) I went to the store for supplies and came home with this. Unfortunately after dinner I remembered that 1. we haven’t hooked up the hot water heater yet. 2. the water in the tanks has been there for ? and also has bleach in it. 3. I made mashed potatoes. So the cooking part was much easier than the clean up part. Fortunately dinner was good.