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Bulldozer Office Building

Bringing new meaning to the term pencil pusher
The Bulldozer Building Apparently owned by a company that sells bulldozers, this is an office building shaped like a bulldozer.

When some of us were kids, playing with Tonka trucks wishing there were a way to drive a real dump truck, apparently there were also kids that wanted to grow up to sit at a desk inside of one. This amazing building is a more than double-sized office shaped like a caterpillar bulldozer with a fully functioning construction equipment sales office inside. It even has a second story inside and a little staircase.

Our Campsite In Joshua Tree Camped amid the joshua trees at night.

There just aren’t enough buildings shaped like what they sell, seems like it could really cut down on signage costs.

It stands just off of highway 99 in Turlock and is open to anyone to come by and check out the outside during business hours, though we got there on a sunday and had to view it through the fence on a grey day.