50 States... Or Less


Prince of Tucson RV Park

Where we stayed Tucson, but you should probably stay in a State Park, or something.
saguaro national park Saguaro cactus at sunset.

Just like home, smells and all.

We just spent the last year and a half living in a neighborhood of Emeryville, California which has the misfortune of being in the (armpit? crotch?) middle of multiple freeways, the bay, and a “water treatment” plant, so when we stopped at this park we very much felt at home. We talked to some other GMC folk who were baffled at how many people love Prince of Tucson, so maybe we were missing something? It is relatively inexpensive and close to downtown, and it has a pool, so maybe that’s the reason?

Ok, so the shower was like standing under a hot firehose, which was awesome, and uncharacteristic of the desert with their misty water saving showers. So far it’s definitely the winner of the best shower on this trip.


3501 north freeway Tucson, AZ 85705

(800) 955-3501