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Scott & Co

A New York style bar in a place about as far away from New York as you can get.
Scott & Co Not blessed with an overabundance of signage. But that keeps the riff-raff out I suppose.

When we travel we are always on the lookout for good cocktails. But outside of the big, obvious cities known for their cocktails, it isn’t always easy to find the places that won’t be a disappointment. You see, for those that don’t know us personally we are super cocktail snobs. We try to be fair about it but we just have really high standards for what we drink and that means that a lot of bars that have good reputations don’t always make the cut for us.

So in order to separate the wheat from the chaff I have a few searching tricks that I use to find bars that are more likely to be good instead of serving flavored “martinis”. I used to be able to search for “mixology” with the town name, but mixology has become a very overused term nowadays. I will search for “Kold-Draft” which is a type of ice machine favored by bartenders that care. Or sometimes “Hand Cut Ice” does the job as there are only a few places that take the time to do this.

The upshot of this was that while searching in Tucson I discovered a little place called Scott & Company and I am very glad I did. It’s run by a fellow named Ciaran Wiese. From Tucson originally, Ciaran picked up a taste for immaculately crafted drinks in NYC and moved back home bringing his mentality to several of Tucson’s well known bars before working with the owners of the restaurant 47 Scott to open Scott & Co.

Scott & Co Alana holding remarkably still for a 30 second exposure. This place is great if you are in tucson, go here.

It's a smallish, intimate space with plenty of room at the bar if you want to nerd it up and talk to the bartenders. Ciaran indulged us for the whole time we were there as we swapped stories of great bars and liquors. He had a large array of some pretty great bitters he had made including several using tobacco in their base.

I urge you to go here if you are in Tucson. The bartenders are great, the drinks are great, and I guarantee you won’t find a better drink in tucson or likely anywhere else in the southwest.